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Our range of USB to RS485 Converters comprises of two types – one where the two wire RS485 connections are electrically connected to the USB interface (non-isolated) and two others which have galvanic isolation (5kV) between the USB interface and the RS485 interface (isolated). The isolated type now comes in one model which can operate at a maximum speed of 3Mbps (we have done away with the lower speed version).

Power for this RS485 to USB converter is provided from the USB port so there is no need for an external power supply. It is designed around the high performance and reliable FT232B processor chip from FTDI, and is compatible with all versions of Windows, Mac and Linux.

The non-isolated USB to RS485 converter is ideal for most applications and environments such as office, laboratory, server rooms and non-commercial environments. We recommend the isolated versions for industrial and factory environments where one cannot take the chance of either damaging the PC or damaging the equipment which you are connecting to.

We often get calls from people asking will your converter work with xyz software and some strange machinery that we probably have not heard of ! We can't answer those sorts of questions. What we generally recommend is that you choose a suitable converter and order it and then test it out. If it doesn't do the job and it is still in good condition, we will gladly take it back and refund you. To date we haven't had to refund anyone so there must be a good chance that it will work in most applications.


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